Time and Patience

“Things take time, Ashlie,” my mom says to me over the phone as I wish things would happen right away because I need them to. My goals, my wants, and my needs take time to achieve and I am slowly learning that. I graduated on May 3, 2018, one of my biggest achievements so far, and since then I have hit some hurdles and some bumps in my journey. I’m still at the minimum wage job that I worked during school, I have a volunteer position starting this month, I am in a place that requires that you have a car because everything is far away (I currently do not have one), and my lease ends at the of the month and I do not move into my new apartment until two weeks after that move out date. All of these things are happening while I am also having trouble financially due to the “decisions” I made. I decided to take a year off to study for the LSAT (for law school) and to do this volunteer position (in which I will receive several benefits and a stipend). I do not regret any of the decisions I have made but I do know that some of them could have been better decisions, especially the financial decisions. I am learning that to get to where I want, it is going to require patience, hard work, and time. I am trying to learn how to budget more efficiently and be more fiscally responsible. I am also trying to learn how to be more of an adult and to take action. I need to be more assertive in my own life and about the things I want and the things that I need.

My plan/goals for this year off is to: take the LSAT in September, apply and get accepted into some law schools, to get healthier and to exercise, to be more fiscally responsible, to be a better friend, and to be all around a better person. I want to start taking more time and care on myself. In this year, I want to become closer to the people I love and to grow as a person. I want to become more intelligent and to (actually) try to learn Spanish. I am writing this to hold myself accountable and to have a place to document my growth and journey. I am going to try and be more present and post more on this blog about the things that I love and care about.


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