Unavoidable Breaks

I hate long breaks where I have nothing planned and no set schedule. I am currently on spring break and I am fighting the funk that I always get in when I am on a long break and not busy. Set schedules keep my mind distracted from all of the things that I have to deal with internally. It keeps me away from the fears and demons that are eating away at me. I wish it were different and I didn’t have to try and force self-motivation. Today, I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed, but I did. I think if I drown myself in work it will overshadow the gnawing at my bones that make me want to stay in bed and overthink. So, I plan my week based on homework and planning of papers for school and planning my future. I’m tired of this happening all of the time but I am a fighter. I can fight and overcome this. I will fight and overcome this. I will be motivated this week to get things done and not succumb to my doubts and fears.


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