Love and Freedom

Last Saturday, I abruptly decided to come out as gay to my entire family. I came out on Facebook/Instagram and the responses that I received were great and supportive. I had been previously trying to come out throughout 2016 but I would always back out of it. Now, I am happy that I did it. I am finally out. I am finally free. Coming out, to me, was being able to be fully myself and honest with everyone. I’m not hiding a part of who I am because of fear and uncertainty anymore. The moment I came out, it was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was so happy and I felt so free. Now, I feel the freedom to love. I got a bit emotional as all of the love and support started to pour in because it went better than I imagined. I was overcome with joy. Since then, it has been normal but it has been free. Now, I can freely be without coming out on my mind. I can love, I can date, and I can just be authentically me. I am so happy that I was able to finally take that step to being able to enjoy my life.


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